fredag 23 oktober 2015

To you:

To you:

I literally just woke up here at Pitehavsbad. I just realize, I’m not alone. There’s zombies everywhere. Lucky me, there’s a restaurant full of food here, a lot of hamburgers and crappy food.
I heard something on the TV in the morning, a place where you can go if you are alive. They have a lot of security, Boden! I’ll try to go to Boden as soon as possible. But how? I have a skateboard and a shotgun. I might take a car instead of using a skateboard. I’m not good at skating around like a pro…!
If I stay at Pitehavsbad, I need to secure the building. But the problem is, I can’t secure the building by myself. It’s impossible! Pitehavsbad is a huge place!
I can run really fast, but I will probably try to walk first and maybe see if I can find anyone who is alive.

Okey, my weapon is a shotgun. I can use it on zombies, but not to far away. And the shotgun is loud! So only in emergency! Only if they come to close! (3 yards) I will try to find a another weapon I can use instead of my gun, maybe a sword! If someone is alive, we could be partner and make it together to Boden!  And if some of us got bitten, we will do suicide, not both. Just one of us! I think I will try to go on the road, not in the forest! In the forest you can’t see them. They might hide behind a tree and surprise you!

So, this virus is awful! I think the world can’t be restored like before the apocalypse. The zombies have “full control” over the world, but if I make it to Boden. I might have a chance to live and build a new family in Boden!
Is there any alive? Let me know at:

-     -   IA

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