fredag 27 november 2015


Alright, here we go.

I went to Lekia which is a toy store for kids.
Well, I found two (except the baby x) sections, one boy and one girl. Okey so, first of all. The colour blue/dark is for boys. I can clearly see that. I found Lego, car stuff, war things…to the boys. I can’t see many teddybears or dolls on the boy section.
At the girl section:
I found dolls, makeup, teddybears…x The store have chosen pink for the young ladies. But I can’t find any war things. Girls can also fight. I also noticed that guys have radio helicopter. (there’s a remote control)

In Lindex there’s many clothes. Men, women and childrens.
Okay, so, in the mens sections, theres a jens, underwear things, shirts, t-shirts, pants and socks. On the wall, there’s a print of mens who have shirts. The section is not that big, I mean. Not much clothes in it. So, overall there’s not much interesting.
The women section is more has more underwear, shirts, pants. Little bit more colours than mens section. They have ads to women on the wall. ”Typical christmas – style”. And also nowdays look.
What I can see trough the window. The manneqins always have womens clothes and diffrent style of look. Nowdays looks.
I can found many ads in the town target audience is most young people like 15+ and max 25 years old.
But there’s also ads targeted to kids.

In the town who sell clothes. There’s ton of them. Etc HM, Lindex, Bikbok, Carlings, Dressmann, Åhlens and jack and jones.

My own opinion:

I think that stores should acthully build new section for womens and mens. And especially for kids. I think stores should use more neutral colour and not the pink for the girls and blue for the boys. It have to be a change. We need a more equal community. But I think its impossible.